Frequently Asked Questions About Online Pest Control CEU Classes

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Pesticide certification is regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency because restricted-use pesticides have the potential of harming the environment and those exposed to the chemicals. Pesticides are categorized by class. For example, some are registered as outdoor use only or only for use on specific types of vegetation. Those holding a license are required to meet specific requirements on a regular basis to ensure that they can continue the safe application of pesticides.

In this article, we discuss the most common questions about online pest control CEU courses.

What are the Requirements for Pest Control Training?

Anyone that applies or supervises the use of RUPs are required by the federal government to hold a certification. Each state and tribal area has its own regulations for pesticide application as well as continuing education requirements. Some states require certification for applying any form of pesticide while others focus only on those not available to the general public. 

Typical jobs that require pesticide certification:

  • Grounds maintenance workers
  • Those applying pesticides for compensation
  • Pest control consultation companies
  • Farm employees
  • Government employees
  • Forest pest control

How Long is Pesticide CEU Training?

Pest control training typically takes 3 months. Candidates for certification typically have to sit for two exams: a general exam and a category exam. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age. The first exam covers general knowledge about pesticides, the second exam covers knowledge in a specific field of application.

Pesticide CEU training typically lasts up to four hours depending on your state's education requirements. The specific continuing education needs, such as updated laws and procedures, vary by state. Some certifying bodies require license renewal every year while others require every two years.

How Much Does a CEU Cost?

You can typically look to spend $50 or more for a pesticide licensing exam but it varies by state. The cost of pesticide training also varies by the program you enter if you choose an online pest control training service. Training materials are freely available in most states with a fee to sit for the exam and an additional fee for the license. You may also choose to train under another certification holder. Some states, like Oregon, have an ongoing fee that must be paid once a year in each category that you hold a certification.

Online pest control CEU classes offer a way to renew your license in a manner that is most convenient for you. Choose a program that offers materials in exactly what your state requires. Most states provide information on their government websites for the hours and subject matter necessary to renew your license. 

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